Friday, December 15, 2017

Three Stones

Three Stones is filmed from the perspective of a female wanderer, who perceives the world in a constant state of lucid dreaming. As the film progresses from the calmness of lush greenery in the Japanese countryside to the electrifying night scenes of the Tokyo metropolis, the wanderer’s graceful movement synchronises with the atmospheric music and ethnic rhythms produced by Kalakmul.

Three Stones – Kalakmul from Marek Okon on Vimeo.

The art director, Marek Okon, is a Tokyo-based independent creative


Doctors diagnose the bad guys' injuries in 'Home Alone'

Real doctors explain every way Harry and Marv would have died in Home Alone.

Björk, Age 11, Reads a Christmas Nativity Story

In 1976, an 11-year-old Björk participated in a Christmas special for Icelandic TV station RUV in which she read the nativity story while accompanied by music played by fellow students from the Reykjavík Children’s Music School. So sweet!

Via  Open Culture
Thanks Mr. Nag!

Stuck on Ewe

I love this sheepish push pin holder.

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Salt Years

Israeli artist Sigalit Landau uses the hypersaline body of water as both a photographic backdrop and medium to suspend everyday objects, creating densely salt-encrusted sculptures.

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