Friday, April 28, 2017

A Snuffbox Made For Frederick II

Frederick the Great of Prussia commissioned this extraordinary chrysopase table snuffbox with diamonds to showcase the skills of Berlin makers in the 1760s.

You can see it at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

A Master At Work

George Saunders orders a single mousetrap over the phone.


Japanese Railfan Doesn't Need To Leave Home To Ride The Rails

@igaigaadjmadjml is a Japanese rail enthusiast who posts a lot of train-related items to his Twitter page. He recently converted one of the rooms in his house into a life size-replica of a 485 series Japanese train car that is faithful in every detail and could easily pass for the real thing.

Photo: @igaigaadjmadjml/Twitter

More here 

How cats use their whiskers

This slow motion video reveals how cats use their sensitive whiskers to catch prey.


The White Ravens Of British Columbia

Image: Mike Yip

There is a legend that tells of white ravens who helped humans (and the earth) get fire before they were turned black by the flames. In 2007 photographer Mike Yip learned about a colony of white ravens in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia and has taken photographs of them over the years.

More lovely photos here

Thanks Bruce!