Friday, August 18, 2017

Fire Hose Rodeo

Apparently fire hose rodeos are a thing. I didn't know these events existed; Mr. Nag was a firefighter and he's never heard of them either. Thanks for wising us up Bruce!

Photographs of Small Worlds

German artist Frank Kunert crafts curious miniature scenes for his series Photographs of Small Worlds that pokes fun at human failings. His photographs of these scenes express a humourously absurd reality.

More: Urbanist

Awesome Watermelon Carving

This watermelon has been carved to open into a hanging lantern shape that supports its own weight.


Moth Woodcut Print by Tugboat Printshop

This beautiful print is by Tugboat Printshop



Paper Game Of Thrones Credits

Moleskine has released the Game of Thrones Limited Edition Collection of their iconic notebooks to pay tribute to the hit series. A video celebrating the collection was created by Milan-based video and animation studio Dadomani and features a recreation of the opening sequence to Game Of Thrones, using only paper.