Thursday, February 23, 2017

Torn at the Secret Policeman's Ball

David Armand (as interpretive dancer Johann Lippowitz) and Natalie Imbruglia perform "Torn" at the Secret Policeman's Ball 2006. I love it!


Cat Armour

Calgary based artist Jeff de Boer crafts protective ensembles for cats and mice. He draws inspiration from different time periods and countries, including Edo period Japan and Medieval England. Each piece of armour can take up to 200 hours to create.

"Boer has never put a mouse in the armor, but he has put one of his cats inside and has the scars to prove it." Pieces sell for as much as $25,000. I guess I won't be buying one for Joyce.
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Lie Lie Land

London street artist Bambi has daubed an Islington wall with an image of Theresa May waltzing with Donald Trump - labelling it “Lie Lie Land”.
Bambi’s pieces, which have depicted figures including David Beckham, Ai Weiwei, the Queen and an Afghan war hero, are often inspired by everyday materials she sees reflective of contemporary society.


The Easiest Way To Clean a Microwave

This steam clean method takes just a few seconds to prep and a minute to wipe down. Here's how it's done.


Things to Do While Waiting for Someone to Be Impeached

Do you feel like time is dragging since Trump was elected? Here are a few activities to keep you occupied while you wait for him to be deposed. Brilliant.