Friday, September 22, 2017

Peter Rabbit Trailer

Next spring, discover the rabbit behind the legend.

The Evolution of the Mobile Phone

From Motorola's first ever mobile phone, the Dynatac 8000X to the iPhone10. The Dynatac 8000X which was released in 1983, weighed an impressive 1.75lb's and stood at 13-inches tall, a far cry from the compact handheld smartphones that we use today.

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Frida The Life-Saving Rescue Dog


Rescue dog, Frida, works for the Mexican Navy’s Canine Unit and has rescued many people in her four-year career. She is currently hard at work searching through the  rubble in Mexico City, where a 7.1 magnitude earthquake has claimed the lives of at least 245 people. She has become a social media sensation.

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Here's a video showing how Frida and her fellow canine heroes are trained:

Elvira Just Launched Her Own Clothing Line

Do you have vamp needs? Apparently this is the answer to all of them: Cassandra Peterson AKA Elvira and Pinup Girl CEO and Creatrix, Laura Byrnes have combined their talents and love of cleavage-flaunting fashion to bring you the Pinup Girl clothing collection.

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The Architectural Paintings Of Ben Johnson

In Another Light 2010
London-based artist Ben Johnson is known for his paintings based on architectural spaces and his large-scale cityscape paintings, which include panoramas of Hong Kong, Zürich, Jerusalem, Liverpool and London.

Room of the Revolutionary 2014

Roman Room 2014
Room of the Niobids II 2013
Far Horizons III  2010

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