Saturday, October 21, 2017

Furniture For Cats

Japanese interior design companies, Hiromatsu Furniture and Tateno Wood Art Co., have created  bedroom and living room furniture sized to housecat-scale.


Fiskars Scissors Art

An exhibit at the Helsinki Design Museum celebrates the 50th anniversary of Fiskars orange-handled scissors and Fiskars has invited artists and creative individuals from around the world to participate with their inspired birthday greetings.

More: The Chawed Rosin

Satanic Toaster

June O'Brien tells the tale of her toaster possessed by the devil on the Today Show in 1985.

When all is said and done it makes good toast!

Via Miss Cellania

Is It Any Wonder?

Let this sweet song by Durand Jones and The Indications ease you into the weekend:


Happy Belated Global Champagne Day!

I just learned from Dr. Caligari's Cabinet that yesterday was Global Champagne Day. Looks like I missed it again but this clip from The Seven Year Itch is good any day of the year: